Safety, security, and peace of mind for senior living communities.

Welcome guests with a beautifully simple visitor management system that keeps your workplace safe, saves time, and reduces liability.

Simple, yet powerful features

Visitor & 3rd Party Sign In

Create multiple sign-in flows that ask different questions based on the purpose of the guest's visit.

Health Screening

Set criteria visitors must meet to come on-site and record their temperature and health related responses.

Name Badge Printing

Easily recognizable badges to let the staff and residents know that the visitor has signed in.

Alerts & Notifications

Automatically notify employees when guests arrive. Provide staff notifications if a resident hasn't received adequate visitor time to help improve mental wellness.

Reporting & Analytics

Get insight into visitor volume, who’s getting visitors, and more. Export all the data in just a few clicks.

Security & Compliance

Verify and validate if visitors appear on internal or third-party watch lists.

Clearpass Overview

Clearpass has built a visitor management system specifically for senior living that meets your specific needs.

Keep your community safe

See exactly who's visiting your community, when, and why. Know instantly if a visitor doesn't meet your criteria for entry, and promote a healthy workplace with a touchless temperature sensor.

Detailed check-in of every visitor
Picture, mobile phone number and detailed visitor info captured in less than 2 minutes
Badge printing offers positive visual confirmation to everyone that the check process was completed

Make hosting visitors seamless

Say goodbye to tracking down vendors and caregivers, handwriting badges, and keeping track of signed agreements.

Full vendor credentialing verified in the background to ensure compliance of outside caregivers.
Detailed analytics and dashboard for communities when they need the information

Designed for all care settings.

Our flagship industries.

Independent Living

Independent Living residents desire a comprehensive sense of freedom and safety. Clearpass empowers seniors to feel secure and comfortable with all visitors wearing badges to confirm everyone is verified before entering their community.

Assisted Living

Providing a safe, social environment with supportive care is critical in Assisted Living settings. Track contacts for communicable diseases, and even notify residents when packages arrive all in one tablet on your front desk.

Skilled Nursing

With our most vulnerable population, understanding who should and shouldn't be in your community is critical. Clearpass includes a daily check on medicare exclusion lists and elder abuse violators for all vendors entering your community.

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